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The digital ultrasonic testing device combines novel sensors and software that can be operated intuitively for preventive maintenance.Using the SONAPHONE you can find and classify leaks in compressed air, gas and vacuum systems, analyze the condition of your machines and systems, detect partial discharges and check the function of steam traps and valves.

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Sonaphone M ,E

Sonaphone M As an early warning system. Faults in any machinery can be detected by ultrasonic signals very early before the damage occurs!

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Sonaphone T

The mobile ultrasonic transmitter SONAPHONE T is designed for the rapid and reliable detection of seal failures on windows, doors, cabins, vehicles and containers with sealing surfaces or rubber profile seals. Used in addition with an ultrasonic receiver from the SONAPHONE series, the SONAPHONE T enables efficient tightness testing.

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Sonosphone Ultra Mode

With the SONAPHONE Pocket you identify problems even before they arise and create value at all levels of your company.Numerous preventive maintenance tasks can be handled quickly and efficiently with the compact ultrasonic testing device from SONOTEC.

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