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Torquing Analyzer

Accuracy 2% of reading from 20% to 100% of full scale.
Easy to read dual scale (Metric & American).
Memory style master pointer retains maximum readings. Designed for all types of hand torque wrenches and screwdrivers.
Bench mount style.
Clockwise direction only (MTS models).
Reversible drive adapters provide two drive options per model (MTS models).
Robust and modern design includes angled dial for easy viewing (MTS models).
Spindle lock eliminates the need to remove tool from drive during torque adjustment (MTS models).
Input drive shock absorder protects from tool kick back (MTS models).
Bi-directional & fitted with 1/4" Male hex drive (MTP model).
Dial mirror eliminates parallex error. Uses pendulum effect to measure the applied torque (MTP model).

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Torquing Tester

System accuracy 0.5% of reading from 10-100% of full scale.
Enables calibration and analysis of hand and power torque tools.
Selection of three operation modes: Track, Peak & First Peak
Seven units of torque measurements: (ozf.in, lbf.in, lbf.ft, cN.m, N.m, kgf.m, kgf.cm). Real time clock for time stamping of readings.
USB interface to download readings to PC.
Easy to use menu system.
Five-digit display.
High capacity Li-ion batteries for long life and universal charger (100-240 VAC). Color display that features clear visual warnings for the operator:
Go / No Go and sensor overload.
Tool Database - stores up to 500 tools.
Reading database - stores up to 2000 readings.

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Torquing Tools

A bit, socket or an adapter is also a tool. These items come in many designs and sizes and you need to select the right design and size for your application. Screwdriver bits are exposed to continuous strain during the fastening process. Depending on the fastening application, maximum wear resistance and highest elasticity are key items. Mountz offers assortment of high quality bits for all screw applications. Also, Mountz offers the ability to make custom bits.

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Torquing Sensor

Accuracy 0.2% of full scale*.
Non-contact signal transfer and maintenance free.
The common brush bounce that plagues the accuracy testing of pulse tools is cured when using a BLRTSX.
Compact design.
For use with most power tools, high RPM tools, or rotational measurement applications.
Features ARCII technology, an instant auto-recognition system of the BLRTSX connected to the PTT or LTT.

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