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LZYN Series Mass Flowmeter (hereafter we call LZYN) is designed according to the Coriolis Principle. It can be widely used for the process detecting and custody transfer/fiscal unit in many industries such as petroleum, petrochemical industry, pharmacy, paper making, food and energy etc

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No moving parts, low pressure drop, long life span;
Bi-directional measurement;
Simple installation, easy maintenance;
High accuracy and good reliability;
Ex-proof: Exd(ib)IIBT4(exclude ecetylene);
Temperature and pressure compensation;
Suitable for small flowrate and large size pipe.

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MAGYN Serials Intelligence Electromagnetic Flowmeter conduct measurement based on the principle of the Faraday Electromagnetic Induction law. When Conductive liquid flows in magnetic field and incises the magnetic flux Induced Electromotive force E will be generatedin the conductor.

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LXW Serial vortex flowmeter is manufactured according to the principle of Karman vortex principle together with latest digital transmeter. it is widely used to measure liquid, gas , steam flow in the closed pipeline because the original detection is sealed in the test body, no contact with the measured medium and there is no lining material and moving parting, it does not need on-site maintenance and it is very popular with the majority of the users in industries of the oil, petrochemical , water/waste water treatment,metallurgy, pharmacy, thermoelectric, etc.

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PD Meters

LSZ serials Double-Rotator Flowmeter is a self research and designed product by Shanghai Yiuno instrument Co., Ltd. This serires flowmeter is a new kind positive displacement flowmeter develope specially to serve as the heart in loading facilities at oil product depots. contained in measuring chamber are a pair of rotators having special spiral gear teeth, the design of which is responsible for successfully eliminating pulsation in flow stream.

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